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Cinepraise Productions is a Christian music production business. The mission of Cinepraise Productions is to offer churches and worship projects around the world a variety of resources including multitracks, pad sounds, and scores, and the vision is that Cinepraise Productions will become a main source of support in the music market as demands for professional sources increase.

The financial goal of Cinepraise Productions is to generate revenue to support worship leaders, churches, projects, and staff producers. The overall plan for this business is to employ producers (currently commission-based) and to connect with churches and worship projects to discuss their music resource needs and provide them professionally-produced materials.


Cinepraise Productions's main products are multitracks, but we also create instrumental backing tracks.


Multitracks are produced for the top contemporary Christian songs used for corporate worship, and each track features the sound of a full orchestra and a contemporary band. We also create versions without a full orchestra as well as tracks for acoustic versions of songs. 


Backing tracks are our multitracks sold in MP3 format for churches and Christian groups who do not have any instrumentalists. These are sold on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and any other online music platform. Each song comes with an orchestral and non-orchestral version, with each version bounced out in 6-8 different keys so you can be sure that the track itself can be sung within a comfortable range. 


Throughout the years, many churches have moved towards the contemporary style of musical worship. The movement began in the 1990s and continues to develop to this day. Many in the congregation have addressed concerns about this style of worship since the songs are often not hymns and since the typical instrumentation consists of hard-rock instruments. Worship leaders often receive complaints about the music being too loud or about not having hymns in the setlist. Sadly, these worship leaders have had no choice but to continue with the contemporary style. When it comes to the use of cinematic instrumentation (such as specially-sampled synths and an orchestra), complaints are quite rare.

As the years went by, some churches had difficulty finding orchestral musicians for their services. To this day, most orchestral musicians are not Christians. Additionally, hiring orchestral musicians can cost up to $20,000 per service in hiring musicians and renting scores. John Piper, a retired pastor from Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, tells the story of a time 30 years ago in which he was serving communion to the orchestra during the service, and each member in the orchestra turned the communion elements away. After the service, Pastor John asked the worship leader, “What’s up with this?” The worship leader replied, “Well, we brought them in from outside. They’re probably not believers.” Pastor John then looked at him and said graciously, “Don’t ever do that again. Ok?” Imagine the shame that the worship leader felt about spending thousands of dollars on hiring unbelieving orchestral musicians and then seeing all the money being wasted. Pastor John explains that using unbelievers on a worship team makes that Sunday service unworshipful.

About 10 years ago, multitracks were then added to the mix of a Sunday morning service, and so worship leaders either produced tracks or bought them. The advantage of using multitracks is that any kind of sound can be included in the product -- including cinematic instrumentation. 

In February 2018, Cinepraise Productions was founded and continues to develop slowly with the current supplies available.

The primary benefit in the use of orchestral multitracks is that the worship leader can save thousands on hiring orchestral musicians (who are likely to be non-Christians) and renting scores. Rather than paying $10,000 per service on hiring orchestral musicians, worship leaders can spend $15-30 per multitrack and therefore avoid running the risk of hiring non-Christian musicians and rest with the assurance of purity.

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