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La Java Noise

Like Cinepraise Productions, La Java Noise is a production studio in Atlanta, Georgia, that produces multitracks on Loop Community. Jason Prior is the owner of La Java Noise and has had over 20 years of experience in worship ministry.

House of Worship Ministries

House of Worship Ministries is a network of student-led worship groups in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, London, Windsor, and Toronto. House of Worship Montreal was first founded by a group of Christian students from McGill Unversity and have led worship in many large events such as Catch The Fire Toronto, P2C PLUS, and McGill's Fish Frosh. These groups also continue to write and record songs. 


Based in Chicago, Loop is an online music production platform that carries our multitracks. Loop offers many tutorials for running tracks in their app called PRIME as well as Ableton Live. 

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